Lewis Gradon

Chief Executive, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare are smashing it on the international stage and are a darling of the NZX – how did they get to be a household name? As Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Fisher and Paykel, Lewis Gradon will cover the secrets to the success of this company that dominates their global niche. He previously served as Senior Vice President – Products & Technology and General Manager – Research and Development. He has held various engineering positions within Fisher & Paykel’s healthcare business, and has overseen the development of their complete healthcare product range.


2.30 pm – 3.00 pm

Life-changing R&D Innovation and the pathway to their $1bn story

  • The Oxymoron of an agile behemoth – where Fisher & Paykel healthcare are investing and what they’ve learnt so far
  • The US-Mexico divide – what this really means for kiwi business and navigating the Trump Effect